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Prof.Dr. Süleyman Tarman (Ankara-1967)He began his music education in 1985 in Gazi University, Faculty of Education, Dept. of Music Education. After graduation, he worked as a music teacher in primary, secondary and high schools for 3 years. Between 1993-2005 years he worked in Ankara Anatolian High School of Fine Arts as guitar, computer, orchestra/chamber music teacher and also head of music department.

In 1996, he finished his first MA. degree in music education in Gazi University. In 1999 he completed his second MA. degree in Curriculum Development and Instruction in Hacettepe University and he completed first MA. thesis of Turkey on “Multiple Intelligence Theory.” After that in 2002 he completed Ph.D. degree in Gazi University. His thesis was about measurement and evaluation of musical experiences. In 2005 he started to work in Ondokuz Mayis University Faculty of Education Department of Music Education as a full time associate professor.

He composed music mainly for orchestra, and also for chorus and guitar. His works have been performed by Turkish National Radio and Television (TRT) Polyphonic and Children Chorus, and by national or foreign orchestras in concerts and competitions abroad. His music also recorded in CDs. In 2004 he started to electronic publishing and he established “National Data Bank of Music Education”.

He has been to Poland, France, Germany, United States of America, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Greece, Belarussia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Belgium, Denmark, Israel, Egypt, Switzerland, Croatia and Thailand for research on education of music ensembles. He played guitar as soloist and conducted orchestras on various national and international occasions, represented Turkey in competitions and received awards. He carried out his scientific and artistic studies together. He published various articles and attended conferences. He also actively preparated curriculums on music in the Anatolian High Schools of Fine Art. He awarded as a composer in 1998, 2001, 2002 and 2004 TRT National Popular Children Songs Competition and Ministry of Culture National Children and Youth Songs Competitions. In 2010 he won the price of New York – Universal Sacred Music Society “2010 Song Competition” with his song “Pray for Peace” between 260 competitors and performed in New York by the New York Virtuoso Singers. In 2011 he advanced to professor degree. In 2012 he had been in New York University (NYU) Steinhardth Music School as visiting professor for two months. In July 2013 he participated as invited composer of “Eurokinderchor 2013” in Hungary / Szolnok. He’s song of Karadeniz Türküsü (Blacksea Song) sanged by Szolnok Zoltan Kodaly and Dresden Philharmony Children Choirs. In 2016 he took place as jury member of 11th Cantemus International Choir Festival in Hungary/Nyregyhaza.

Between February 2005 and September 2014 he worked as Director of Ondokuz Mayis University State Conservatory and also head of Department of Music Education in Samsun. He is still head of Department of Music Education in Aksaray University, Education Faculty.

Published Books:
1999 – Repertoir Books for Youth Orchestras. (6 books)
2000 – Classic & Pop Guitar Method
2002 – Pieces from Turkish Composers. Ministry of Culture (Tr/En)
2004 – 11th and 12th Grades Orchestra Courses Books. Ministry of Education
2006 – Children Songs for New Generations (with CD)
2011 – Ataturk and Music
2014 – Nasrettin Hoja Children Songs with CD
2015 – Scales, Cadances and Arpeggions for Piano
2016 – Music Pedagogy
2018 – Popular Repertoir for Classic Guitar-II (5 pieces in book)
2018 – Animal World – Accompanied Children Songs

Contact Information
Aksaray University Education Faculty
Department of Music Education
Phone: +90.532.635 4302