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Technical Studies for Violin

  • Author: Prof. Hazar Alapınar
  • ISBN:978-605-62470-9-5
  • Printing Date: Ocak 2013
  • Size: 23 x 30.5 cm.
  • Page Numbers: 120 pp.
  • Price: 20TL.

Satın Al –

“Technical Studies for Violin” is a book of 39 years experience of Prof. Hazar Alapınar as an educator and getting acquainted with the violin which had begun much earlier, in 1948.

In this book you will find exercises from the first position to the highest positions and also the variations of these exercises applied in different patterns. These patterns have not been written completely, so as to let the student decide how to complete the rest of the exercise in the same way. For those exercises on different strings and consisting of various keys, the key is deliberately not named, with the aim of making the player find the key according to the key signature. The concept of tonality will improve as the student continues studying all of the exercises.

“Technical Studies for Violin” is including that double stops, 2-3-4 octaves scales and arpeggios with 36 different bow techniques. This book aimed that technical improvement of violin students with help of esteemed violin educators.

About Book

I have seen my friend Hazar Alapınar’s book “Technical Studies for Violin” to be very useful for violin players of any age. One may sometime be wedged among concertos and sonatas. This book provides a key to get out of difficulties. I very much liked it, I may very well use this ‘key’ myself when I am distressed!

I present my compliments to dear Hazar Alapınar and once again sincerely congratulate him for the love his given to music, violin and each of his students through all these years and also for the lasting works he has created as the result of his researches.
Suna Kan, Violinist, State Artist

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