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Miniatures and Ten Piano Pieces

  • Composer: Necil Kazım Akses (1909-1999)
  • ISBN: 978-605-61557-7-2
  • Pub.Date: August 2011
  • Dimentions: 23 x 30.5 cm.
  • Page Number: 72
  • Price: 15TL.

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Composed in 1936 as a series of seven pieces, “The Miniatures” was published the same year in İstanbul by Jorj D. Papajorjiu under the Catalogue No.80. The work is dedicated to Ulvi Cemal Erkin. The pieces, which are in esence and in form real miniatures, have a homophonic structure. Their plain melodic and harmonic structures are inspired by folk music. The pieces contain naive features equally fit for recitals although they seem to be composed for young piano trainees.

Ten Piano Pieces

This work was composed in 1964. The pieces well exemplify the concepts of tonality and modality which find the best synthesis in Akses’s mature logic of harmony. Each piece involves a different theme in terms of the piano technique, thus is important also in this aspect. For example, the 1. Piece is written on three staffs and there is a basso ostinato in the bottom most staff. The 3.Piece is moto perpetuo with sixteenth motifs once on the right hand and then on the left.The 5.Piece is a work in aksak (asymmetric) rhythm. The 7.Piece is a fugue with three tones and the 8.Piece is a funeral march with intense chords. The most striking elements in the harmonic structure of these pieces are the major third and augmented fifth chords, which in later works Akses frequently used. While these chords are sometimes the result of full-tone series, they are occasionally used to escape from tonality as well. “Ten Pieces for Piano” are the products of a solid accumulation of knowledge and of maturity in which Akses created new tastes with known materials.