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Atonal Solfeges

  • Author: Orhun Orhon
  • ISBN: 978-605-4957-32-3
  • Pub. Date: Eylül 2017
  • Dimentions: 21 x 29.7 cm.
  • Page number: 24
  • Ed. Müzik Eğitimi Yayınları Nr.: 79
  • Serie of Solfege Books No.06
  • Price: 15TL.

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This books is including solfege pieces without on a tone (base). Main purpuse of this book is a preperation of reading and hearing of last century modern music writing.

Solfeges which given on this book can be usefull for all musicians which complete basic training. There has been 24 pieces (each one is 8 measures) for each interval im music. Practices start with second interval and goes to seventh. At the and by the way of the interval relations, users can be rich an advanced hearing and entonation capacity. Besides this musical terms and expressions will help to improve hearing skills.

Practices have to plan in a frame of relations with others, have to sing then have to play with piano for the control purposes. Solfeges which given on this book can be usefull also for dictation.

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