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9 Turkish Folk Songs for Voice and Piano

  • Composers: Muhammet Koç – Vsevolod Kuzmin
  • ISBN: 978-605-4957-22-4
  • Pub.Date: September2016
  • Dimentions: 23 x 30.5 cm.
  • Page Numbers: 96
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  • Edition Müzik Eğitimi Yayınları No: 69
  • Series of Song Books No.11
  • Price: 20TL.

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Just as the previous book, this new book is also a new voice, new breath and a new work, added to the vocal repertoire. It is our rich folk songs from different regions that each composed from poems voicing the deepest of emotions in a plain and sincere manner that depends on the folk tunes. The 9 songs in this book has been re-created with depth and tonal features by polyphonic music in addition to the richness arising from modal, rythmical characteristics and oral wealth, and presented to our music world.

These songs, arranged by two musicians from two different geographies and cultures expressing their emotions and ideas, will appeal to people and hearts from all cultures and lands with the influence of music that recognizes no barriers.

The fact that the modal sequence of each song has been organized in accordance with four different kinds of voice through transposition will enable singers with different kinds of voice to make a selection in line with their own preferences. Moreover, as well as the previous book, an important feature of this study is that less known and sung songs have also been included.

You can listen of the songs in index page and also you can download all songs MP3 files (xxxMB) for 4 different keys from here.

Singers of all levels who have received voice training have obtained new songs which they can sing and interpret with pleasure. These beautiful songs are awaiting their voices and singers.

Prof. Suna Çevik

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